Season, Session and Training Times

Season, Session and Training Times

Welcome to Cobham Lacrosse Club! We are a successful girls and women's lacrosse club in the heart of Surrey playing in the SE Women's Lacrosse Junior and Women's Leagues.

Predominantly for U18 members, we do welcome senior players and extend a warm welcome to all wishing to train and play matches with us. We accept players of all standards, and strive to make each player grow in the game to her own best abilities. We work closely with England Lacrosse to develop coaches and umpires from within our more senior players. We also offer the opportunity to work towards the various levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Award as a volunteer junior coach or on lacrosse skills.


7 September 2024 - 14 December inclusive (no training 19 October) 2024

4 January - 29 March inclusive (no training 22 February) 2024

12 April - 18 May 2024

Closed Easter Weekend 19 April


SATURDAYS, Covenham Pitches, KT 11 2BU

Minis 130-245 pm

U12 130-245 pm

U13 130-245 pm

U14 245-400 pm

U15 245-400 pm

First Team 245-400 pm and also Thursdays

Founded in 2010, we are part of Cobham Sports and Rugby Association, now playing on the Covenham Fields ( behind the Fairmile Inn) in Cobham. We share parking facilities with our association partners - Rugby, Netball and Tennis - at the Cobham Free School and outside the Curve on the Memorial Playing Fields across the road. Currently our Club is open to players of the girls' and women's lacrosse game, as defined by England Lacrosse, our governing body.

From the outset, we set out to offer a welcoming but competitively-aligned structure to the Club, so that we train each individual to be the very best lacrosse player she can be. Our League teams aren't structured to side-line less able players; we have a 'first-to-sign-up' strategy for match selection which generally produces teams of a good mix of abilities. To our credit, that of our coaching team and our wonderful players and their families, we have always done just fine in the Junior Leagues. In the Senior League, our Firsts team of over-16s has typically taken on seniors ( sometimes twice their age and more) and given them much more than a run for their money - we currently play in SEWLA Senior Division 1. We work with the various governing bodies of the England, Scotland and Wales national teams, and have seen our players take spots on both U19 and Senior teams of the three nations. Our Club assists the various regional academies in the UK make selections for their annual intakes.

All the above notwithstanding, our ethos has always been to let players develop at their own pace, have a bit of fun and meet and play with players other than from school.

We are run by a volunteer group who form our Committee, and who steer Club Development. Please find a list of your Committee members on XX and be sure to approach us if you want to talk to us about anything Club-related. For further information on our various Club Policies, please see the section on this website marked 'The Club'. And if you feel you'd like to volunteer, or train as a coach, umpire or become a Committee member/associate, or if you have a squad or welfare issue to discuss, please drop us a note. Use our inquiry box on the Homepage here to start the ball rolling. We are very friendly and love to talk with our membership!

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