Parking for Training

Parking for Training

Parking for Training

We are a part of Cobham Sports and Rugby Association (CRSA). Parking for members, whether using the facilities at the Memorial Rugby grounds or the Covenham Grounds, is at the Memorial Rugby Grounds and/or the front car parks of the Cobham Free School. We do not have any rights to parking outside the Fairmile Inn or the car park to the right of the Premier Inn.

Parking at the entrance to the Covenham Pitches beside the toilet block is only for CRSA officials and coaches, who have special parking permits allocated.

Please don't park in the grounds of the Fairmile unless you have bought a meal or refreshments at the Fairmile Pub.

We've posted a 'walking map' for you to illustrate where you can park at the Rugby Grounds OR at the Cobham Free School. Please remember that until your player is inside the grounds of Covenham, she is your responsibility, so you will need to walk her to and from training.

Occasionally, we are offered permission to park in the grounds of the Fairmile Inn - normally on one of their fields. We will let you know if parking on the field is permitted on any particular training or match day.

We're all busy people, so we understand that having to park and walk may be an inconvenience. But it would be far more inconvenient to lose the right to use the Covenham grounds because we've infringed our agreement with the Fairmile management. Please help us retain the wonderful facility at Covenham . Park within the rules outlined here!

Many thanks. We appreciate your help.

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