Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy notice sets our policies regarding the collection, storage and handling of your personal data.

How we collect your data

When you register with us, or subsequently notify us of changes of details, we collect and store the data you provide to us on a secure Membership Database provided by Teamo, a specialist software provider for sports clubs and associations.

What data we collect

We collect your name, address and contact details and your daughter's name and date of birth and her Cobham Lacrosse shirt number. You may if you wish provide us with the name of your daughter's school, her preferred playing position, and any medical information you wish to be shared with her coaches.

How we use your data

We use the data to a) allocate members to the correct age group b) communicate with you about Club matters c) hold emergency contact details d) track our membership by age, school and location and e) run the Club as described on this website.

When we will share your data

If required to do so, we will share your data with Lacrosse National Governing Bodies, with the SE Lacrosse Leagues' organisers and other tournament organisers. We will share your data with the Club’s committee members and coaches in order to facilitate the running of the club. Our Teams will be emailed by their Team Manager/Coach in Teamo group emails/messages or individual Teamo email/message via the contact details provided by each member. Your information may be shared with NHS England Test & Trace to track COVID-19 cases amongst members/supporters of the club.

How long we keep your data

On leaving the Club, your membership status is changed to ‘expired’ and this removes you from all forms of communication. As many of our former members re-join us as older players or coaches, we will retain your data for a maximum period of one year after you have left the Club. After this time, we will permanently delete all information we hold on you.

Use of your data

The email address that you provide on the Registration form will be used as the primary form of communication with you and for no other purpose. We will only ever use your data for the proper running of the Club. See our Privacy Policy.

Medical information

We do not collect medical information on our members. You have the option on our Registration form to tell us of any medical issues your daughter may have that you wish to share with your Team Manager and coaches. It is the responsibility of parents to provide their children with any medical equipment that they might need, such as inhalers or EpiPens and to make our coaches aware on an ongoing basis of any support that your child might need. By bringing your child to a training, or a match, you are confirming that your child is fit to play. If you have any concerns about the medical well-being of your child, you should stay and watch during training and matches.


Cobham Lacrosse Club may wish to use group pictures that include your child for promotional purposes. These photographs will be treated in confidence and held in accordance with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. No names or personal details will be published without your permission.

If you or any group of parents wish to take photos/film a player(s) for a college application, GCSE, A Level or one of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, then please get in touch with our Welfare Officer. Such cases will be dealt with case by case. We are unable to liaise on your behalf with other Clubs to obtain footage their members may take at any fixture and to which you have consented.

Our promise to you

We will only ever use your data for the proper running of the club. You can read more about how we run the Club on this website and in our Club Handbook. If at any time you would like us to delete all information we hold on you, please contact our Membership Secretary.

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