Terms and Conditions of Membership

Terms and Conditions of Membership



Participation in sport involves inherent risk of injury. On joining the Club, you undertake that your child is capable of taking part in the activities on offer. You consent that, in the event of illness/accident, any necessary treatment can be administered to your child, which may include the use of anesthetics. You also understand that whilst the coaches will take every precaution to ensure that accidents do not happen, they cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by your child.

Welfare and communication

Please ensure that your daughter arrives on time and is collected promptly from training and matches. It is your responsibility to accompany her to the training grounds. If you choose to let your daughter walk unaccompanied or do not supervise her during drop off and pick up, you do so entirely at your own risk.

If you have any concerns at any time about any aspect of your child's welfare, please contact our Welfare Officer.

Use of your data

The email address that you provide on the Registration form will be used as the primary form of communication with you and for no other purpose. We will only ever use your data for the proper running of the Club. See our Privacy Policy.

Medical information

We do not collect medical information on our members. You have the option on our Registration form to tell us of any medical issues your daughter may have that you wish to share with your Team Manager and coaches. It is the responsibility of parents to provide their children with any medical equipment that they might need, such as inhalers or EpiPens and to make our coaches aware on an ongoing basis of any support that your child might need. By bringing your child to a training, or a match, you are confirming that your child is fit to play. If you have any concerns about the medical well-being of your child, you should stay and watch during training and matches.


Cobham Lacrosse Club may wish to use group pictures that include your child for promotional purposes. These photographs will be treated in confidence and held in accordance with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. No names or personal details will be published without your permission.

If you or any group of parents wish to take photos/film a player(s) for a college application, GCSE, A Level or one of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, then please get in touch with our Welfare Officer. Such cases will be dealt with case by case. We are unable to liaise on your behalf with other Clubs to obtain footage their members may take at any fixture and to which you have consented.

Cancellation of training or matches

You will be notified through Teamo or by email by 11 o'clock on the morning in question should it be necessary to cancel a training session or match due to weather or unsafe pitch conditions.

England Lacrosse Association (the 'ELA')

For insurance purposes, the ELA require that you register your daughter on their membership database as playing club lacrosse. We are unable to do this on your behalf and take no responsibility for any failure to do so. See the ELA's registration portal for details.

We also expect all members, parents and spectators to comply with the ELA's Code of Conduct Policies

Late payment

Fees are due before the start of season or on joining the Club. Girls will not be able to train or play matches until the fees are settled.

Club Operation

Information on how the Club is operated is set out on this website primarily in the Club Operations Handbook. Please read all Club documents to overview how we operate.

Conditions of Membership

You have read and accept the following conditions:

  • Through joining you consent irrevocably during membership to your child's participation at Cobham Lacrosse Club ( a part of Cobham Rugby Sport Association)
  • In the case of an accident involving your child, you consent to first aid assessment and then, if required, trained medical professionals caring for your child.
  •  You accept that there is an inherent risk of injury involved in sport and that you have taken medical advice where there is any doubt as to your child's health/fitness to attend.

  •  Cobham Lacrosse Club and Cobham Rugby & Sports Association (CRSA) reserve the right to not admit your child to the club without specifying reasons.
  •  CRSA cannot take responsibility for loss of personal property.
  •  Neither CRSA nor any of its members or staff accepts liability for the personal injury or fatality of participants unless caused by negligence.
  •  You agree that your child will abide by the rules of Cobham Lacrosse Club and CRSA, available on request.

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