Awards - from courses, Duke of Edinburgh and more, to Club awards

At Cobham Lacrosse, we help towards players gaining awards such as Duke of Edinburgh,or qualifying as umpires and coaches, but we also have our annual Awards presentation towards the end of a term or season.

As a Club dedicated to bringing out the best in each player at all levels of ability, our definition of prowess is broad. Yes, we do recognize players with awesome talent who help us place in the Leagues, but we also recognize the hard workers, the players coming late to lacrosse, and the girls who just love playing lacrosse in OUR Club!

It's with pride we state that each year one of the Awards given in each age-group is called the 'Spirit of Cobham. This is the award given for trying hard to improve or return to play after injury, or perhaps for being friendly and inclusive within an age-group, or for going above and beyond for a team. We think it's important that our Club has this award and are proud to support it.

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